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Conversations with Leaders Who Are Struggling Forward

I believe there is an underlying narrative surrounding the value of women that threatens the influencing and flourishing of women in the local church. Beginning to grasp that reality was a painful and confusing process for me. Sometimes this narrative shows up in the most heartbreaking of ways in the local church—like in stories of the devaluing and abuse of women in the church. Sometimes the narrative is less extremely represented through the absence of women in ministry. And sometimes, like in my case, I didn’t think this narrative applied to me at all because of the good ministry situation I was in.

Show Them Your Need For Jesus

Growing up in the church, I thought of my pastors as Supermen. I saw them as having an unachievable level of skill and godliness. I remember the folks in our church context thought the pastor was perfect. He didn’t take days off. He visited the sick at the hospital every day, and he never seemed to sin, at least not publicly. So, when I felt the call to ministry, I was overwhelmed by this bar of perfection. I knew myself, and I knew my sin. I thought, “I can never be like that!” or at least, “The people I serve in ministry can never know I sin so much.”

The Role of Friends in Ministry

My all-time favorite movie is Forrest Gump. I am convinced it is the GOAT of movies. It teaches history and was on the cutting edge of cinema with a great plot line and amazing actors. One of the best scenes in the movie is when Forrest and Bubba were in Vietnam and they were packing through a downpour of rain for several days. They stopped one night to rest, and it was extremely muddy. Bubba says to Forrest, “I’m gonna lean up against you and you lean right back up against me. That way we don’t have to sleep with our heads in the mud.”

The Call to Struggle Forward

Imagine what Adam and Eve felt when they found out about Abel’s death. Can you imagine the shame? They knew their son had died, in part, because they had eaten the fruit of the tree. Their son was dead when in fact they should have been dead instead.

Why Do I Stress About Money?

My wife and I recently found ourselves outgrowing our car. Getting our child, stuff, us, and groceries in one car often felt like a game of Tetris. As we began considering a new vehicle, however, I felt the emotions begin to rise. I would download a used car app, look at prices, then delete it again.

Helping Your Teen Process Racial Injustice

The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others have shaken our world and lead to much unrest within our nation. Our own city, and particularly the black community, is giving voice to the systemic and personal injustice people of color face in our society.

The Role of Sadness In the Christian Life

Recently I have found myself abnormally sad. Worshiping at home on Sundays rather than with the church body and news stories about how people have been affected by COVID-19 are two things that have triggered this emotion.

Dear Students, This Is Your Time

For those who were born after 2000, this truly is an unparalleled season. Students, you are experiencing something you’ve probably only read or watched videos about: a global tragedy. You’ve heard about September 11 and about the murder of a famous leader. You’ve even heard about pandemics in history.

Rest in the Bible: 5 Things to Know

Rest is the thing everyone knows they need. It is rare for someone to think they don’t need rest. The issue is not the felt need for rest, it is that we don’t think rest is the proper use of time.