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Personal Growth




Life and ministry are hard, and things haven’t gotten any easier in recent years. One of the best ways to flourish in your walk with Jesus, in relationships, and in your leadership is through coaching. Whether you are trying to grow in your self-awareness or seeking to improve your ministry capacity, coaching is an essential start in your struggle forward.

Spiritual Life Coaching

The Christian life is challenging. The curse of this world, the complexity of our story, and the normal day-to-day struggles create gospel amnesia and cause relational friction. Spiritual Life Coaching is aimed at helping you flourish through knowledge of God and knowledge of self. We use tools such as the enneagram, family systems, and spiritual practices to grow in our knowledge of God’s goodness, find unhealthy patterns in ourselves, and forge spiritual practices for our flourishing. 


$125 per hour for one session
$500 for six comprehensive sessions

Student Ministry Coaching

With a decade of student ministry experience, Zach has a passion for helping student ministers flourish. Student ministry is harder than ever before and having someone help walk with you during is vital to your ministry health. The goal of coaching would be to walk away a clear ministry strategy that helps the students in your ministry follow Jesus for years.


$125 per hour for one session
$500 for six comprehensive sessions


Our session with Zach was extremely helpful. The questions he asked my husband and I were insightful and they facilitated great conversation. We were given tools to take into our work places, marriage and parenting. I highly recommend Zach as an enneagram coach!” – Kevin and Jodi

Zach was such a help to me in understanding the different gifts the Lord has given me specifically thinking through the lens of the enneagram. He asks insightful questions and his spirit is gentle so it feels easy and safe to think introspectively. By working with Zach I grew in self-awareness that led me to clear action steps of how to better love others with the love of Christ as well as watch for the “ditches” I can easily fall into with my perfectionistic and helper tendencies.” – Katie

Here’s the thing about Zach Cochran, he is the alchemy of deep, wise, and sincere. There are a lot of people in ministry that I dialogue with frequently, but few compare to Zach’s ability to draw out the important and connect my struggles with helpful solutions. He is an incredible pastor, practitioner, and guide for growing in the health of leading.” – Zac

Zach has a wonderful ability of helping develop and grow ministry leaders. He has personally helped me grow in understanding how I am wired and using that wiring as a way to flourish in ministry. He did this by coaching and instructing on both the simple things (conversations with ministry leaders) and large scale things (growing in my teaching capacities). I would highly recommend working with Zach if you are looking to grow as a leader.” – Karesse